Geronimo the Gentleman and his beloved wife, Lady Gloria, were divinely chosen by the King to steward their sacred land as a burial ground. With the help of Sir Spencer Thorn and Sir Glenn Mourn, the caretakers, they watched over the tombs intended to be a resting place for the declared souls awaiting resurrection, a place where Death and Hades could not capture their souls.




But Death and Hades had plans of their own with the help of Mistress Folly, an evil enchantress. She transformed her wicked appearance into an seemingly helpless, old hag. She wrapped rotted fruit in a dirty cloth and used her evil magics to make it appear to be a lifeless newborn. Mistress Folly came to Geronimo the Gentleman and Lady Gloria to request to bury the innocent child, though it was a curse in disguise. Quite concerned of the suspicious hag’s story, Geronimo and Gloria consulted Lady Wisdom, the wise advisor assigned by the King to them to aid them. Lady Wisdom counseled them to turn the old hag away and not question her discernment.


Torn due to compassion, Geronimo and Gloria decided to fulfill the hag’s request.   When the child was buried in the tomb, a curse seeped into the holy lands like poison. An earthquake occurred and dark clouds overcame the land, opening up a gateway for demons to disrupt the restful slumber of the declared souls. The King sent a holy army of angels into the tombs to combat the demons. A distressed Lady Wisdom shared the King’s message with Geronimo, Gloria, Thorn, and Mourn that they had strayed from her insights and the King’s requests. The curse that had poisoned the land would overcome them with sorrow to the point of death, but the King promised to forgive and joyfully resurrect them. Though they would awaken in the midst of a war between good and evil, and they would need to defend the holy lands until the King remedied the curse. And this is the war that you’re in the midst of, that has been happening ever since.