DeSoto Caverns
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Church Groups

Do you want to take your group's experience deeper? It's time to take your church group into the great outdoors and natural beauty of this incredible world! Step into a world of natural wonder that excites imagination, story-telling, and is a perfect environment to engage growing your church relationships and community. 

 Overnight adventures for church groups at DeSoto Caverns

 Overnight Adventures

This is our most popular choice for church groups! For those groups seeking something beyond the ordinary, look no further than an overnight stay in the majestic DeSoto Caverns. Many have camped, but few can say they've camped in the depths of the earth. This is one of the greatest camping experiences as it maximizes your capacity to enjoy the wonder and experience the beauty of the caverns' sounds people have enjoyed for thousands of years. Our cave is sixty degrees year round which also makes it a temperate environment to enjoy your stay. We guarantee a night unlike any other.

 Group packages for church groups at DeSoto Caverns

Group Packages

If your group doesn't have the availability to spend the night in the caverns, we have plenty of options for dynamic fun! Our attractions encourage teamwork, communication, and fun! Grow closer as a community as you find your way out of our 3/4 acre maze, try your skills at archery, or even engage in some fun competition with a water balloon battle!

  • Adventure Overnight Experience
  • $44.99/person
  • Special Extended Caverns Tour (part of the tour is by latern light), followed by our Laser Light Show
  • Flashlight Maze
  • Enjoy the cave for 12 hours from 7PM to 7AM

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  • Legendary Overnight Experience
  • $59.99/person
  • Everything from Adventure Overnight Experience, plus:
  • 5 attractions*
  • 1 meal (Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roast or Breakfast)

  • *Attractions must be completed as a group
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  • Epic Overnight Experience
  • $69.99/person
  • Everything from Basic Overnight, plus:
  • 10 attractions*
  • 2 meals (Hot Dog Roast and Breakfast)
  • *Attractions must be completed as a group
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*Prices listed are per person and do not include 8% sales tax.

Meal Options

*Included in Legendary Overnight and Epic Overnight Experiences

  • Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roast
  • 2 hot dogs/person
  • Potato Chips
  • Cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • Lemonade
  • Breakfast
  • Variety of cereals
  • Pastries
  • Cookies
  • Fruit
  • Milk & Juice
  • Epic Group Experience
  • $44.00/person
  • Caverns Tours
  • Unlimited Attraction Passes
  • $51/person with a meal
  • *Only available in June & July, during the weekends in August, September, & October, and during local spring breaks.
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  • Legendary Group Experience
  • $26.00/person
  • Caverns Tours
  • 5 Attraction Passes

  • $33/person with a meal
  • *Attractions must be commpleted as a group
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  • Adventure Group Experience
  • $18.00/person
  • Caverns Tour
  • Maze & Panning for Gemstones

  • $25/person with a meal
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*Prices listed are per person and do not include 8% sales tax.

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Individual Items


Individual Items

  • Group Timeless Caverns Tour
  • $14.50/person
  • 1 hour guided Caverns Tour with Laser Light Show
  • $21.50/person with a meal (hot dog roast or pizza party)
  • Meal
  • $7/person
  • Pizza Party
  • Or
  • Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roast

  • Extra Picture
  • $5.99
  • Taken inside our Cathedral Room during the Caverns Tour.
  • A printed photo will be given to the group leader along with an online version of the photo to share with your entire group!
  • Overnight Adventure Patch
  • $5.99/each

  • Attraction Pass
  • $3.50/each

  • Primitive Tent Camping
  • $6/person/night