DeSoto Caverns

Ways to Beat the Summer Heat


Tired of choosing between the sweltering outdoors and cabin fever in the air-conditioned home? We have the perfect place for you to beat the heat this summer while enjoying the outdoors!


First of all, our caverns are sixty degrees year round, making it the ideal and only place to enjoy the outdoors and beat the heat! Our hour-long guided caverns tours include a vivid underground Light show within America’s most historic caverns. During your tour, you’ll forget the outdoor heat, while learning about the passage of time within this true time-capsule! You’ll also learn about how the majestic environment around you was uniquely formed. These caverns are equipped with modern conveniences as well for your comfort, including newly installed bathrooms and the ability to receive a cell phone signal underground! Your visit underground will make the above ground heat a pain of the past while you visit Alabama’s only accessible underground waterfall in the back passage of the caverns! And if you haven’t visited us before, it is helpful to know that are passageways are spacious and smooth, making it an ideal visit!

After your trek underground, we have plenty of wonderful ways to cool off in our park. From our cafe’s iced lattes, to our water attractions! Speaking of lattes, don’t forget that we partner with an incredible organization that provides one hot meal for a child in Honduras for every cup of coffee or latte served from our cafe! So cool off with your favorite flavored latte while making a positive difference in the world.

Our water attractions are a huge hit in the summer, and include various activities that will bring out your leisure side or your competitive edge! Our water balloon battle is a classic favorite, as our guests fill water balloons and have the opportunity to launch them towards each other from our themed historical structures! We also have a squirt gun maze area, where you can get explore while surprising your friends and/or family with your quick skills on the squirt gun! We also have paddle boats and foam falls for those looking for a less competitive but effective way to cool off in the heat! Regardless of what kind of fun you are looking for, we have just the adventure for you and yours.

Summer Specials & Summer Fun


Don’t miss out on this Alabama staple for your family’s best summer yet! DeSoto Caverns has some incredible deals and fun for you making this the best summer yet to come, explore and enjoy! The Caverns has been open to the public for over 50 years and serves as America’s most historic Caverns making it a wonderful educational Alabama must-see. DeSoto Caverns is more than a majestic Caverns with a popular underground laser light show! Above ground there are over 20 “wacky attractions” as Oprah shared that your family is sure to enjoy. There was also never a better time to visit DeSoto Caverns! Beat the heat with your family by going underground where the temperature stays 60 degrees year round in this indoor-outdoor wonder! We have so many incredible savings and special days that you won’t want to miss, so read below and learn what adventure best suits your Alabama adventure!

1. Fun Day Monday


Fun Day Mondays bring a bright turn to Monday doldrums. Don’t let the week start off without making the most of it and with Fun Day Mondays offering a $20 discount on all day endless fun! Every Monday in June from 9 AM - 11 AM you can purchase The Unlimited Day Pass for only $29.99! This offer is only available in the park at the Gift Shop on Mondays in June from 9 AM - 11 AM and the wristband is good for the day of purchase. This is our best deal available, so don't miss out! 

*Mention this special when you purchase your tickets to receive your discount

2. Ticket Tuesdays

With Ticket Tuesdays, where all tickets are 20% off, you can enjoy the fun your family has in mind regardless of which package or ticket you choose! This is our first time ever offering this on-site ticket sale madness, so show the support if you think this is a great summer sale!

*Mention this special when you purchase your tickets to receive your discount

3. Water Wednesdays

This summer is all about cooling off! With temperatures of over 80 degrees most days and some days reaching into the 90s, we wanted to treat our wonderful guests to a free water attraction ticket with any purchase of a Caverns tour or any Package ticket! So come and see us on a Wednesday and divy up your extra tickets with the family! You can either enjoy your extra water attraction ticket together by going into our squirt gun maze and battling it out in our water balloon battle towers, or you could give the extra tickets to the kids while they enjoy paddle boats and foam falls and you enjoy an iced latte from our Cafe!

*Mention this special when you purchase your tickets to receive your discount

4. Streetmosphere Saturdays

On Select Saturdays from May to September, there will be free street entertainment in the park! From giant bubbles to balloon animals to jugglers, you and your family won't want to miss Streetmosphere Saturdays! And to top of your Saturday Summer wish list, we’ve made iced coffee drinks half off on Saturdays! So sip and savor our Streetmosphere Saturdays with your family!

5. Karst Day June 6th

It’s official! This will be the very first National Karst Day ever! And we’re celebrating it through offering a special buy one get one-half off of equal or lesser value on all of our tickets and packages! Share your celebration of the first-ever National Karst day this June 6th and share a photo from your underground adventure! Tickets must be purchased at our Gift Shop and do not apply to group ticket sales.

*Mention this special when you purchase your tickets to receive your discount

6. Father's Day


Bring your dad to the ultimate Man Cave this Father's Day for his free Caverns tour! That’s right, what could be a more creative adventure than bringing dad into an underground discovery!?

*Mention this special when you purchase your tickets to receive your discount

7. Independence Day Special

We can’t wait for Independence Day this year and what better way to celebrate America’s unique history with one of the most unique historical places in our nation! Also, we will be sharing our God and Country Laser Light Show on every tour, so take photos and videos of this underground light show to get in the spirit of this holiday. And to top it all off, we’ll be offering $4 off all tickets on the 4th of July! If family is coming to town and you want to create the best day celebration out there, come to DeSoto Caverns for a festive experience at a special discount to match the occasion!

*Mention this special when you purchase your tickets to receive your discount

Nature's Unexpected Garden


If you are looking for an outdoor experience unlike any other, we recommend stepping into nature's garden here at DeSoto Caverns. We have a diligent team who focuses on how to create a peaceful lush experience for our guests. We hope that when you and your loved ones come to our park, the beautiful surroundings help you focus on the beauty of nature, from lush green growth, to flowers to waterfalls.

Some may think of Nature’s Garden as being an above ground experience, but for those of us speleo-lovers, we know that some of earth’s growing parts have taken generations to grow even a few inches! So we invite you to look at the earth a little differently and see the blooming beauty of the underground with us. Yes, the stalactites and stalagmites are hard as… well, a rock, and not typically compared to the fragile beauty of a flower, but they too are the budding growing parts of our magnificent earth.

Time to Celebrate Mom


Every day of the year is a great time to celebrate mom. We have a special for your special mom this Mother’s Day, May 12th! On Mother’s Day, bring your mom to DeSoto Caverns for her free Caverns tour. We hope you create incredible memories together and give her favorite gift, time spent together. We’ve included some quotes across history by individuals who have shared how valuable mothers are!

1. “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” —Abraham Lincoln

2. “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” —George Washington

3. “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” —George Eliot

4. “If I have done anything in life worth attention, I feel sure that I inherited the disposition from my mother.” —Booker T. Washington

5. “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” —Maya Angelou

6. “The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.” —Jane Sellman

7 Cool Lesser Known Facts About DeSoto Caverns

There are so many incredible facts about our historical caverns that it's difficult to pack so much information into your tour. Here are some rare facts you may not have heard about our cave that we'd love to share with you.

1. Really Wild Life


Did you know there is a legend about a jaguar in the cave? Later historians share that it was known as the black cat of Alabama and in likelihood was smaller than a jaguar. Here is the record from “A Migration Legend of the Creek Indians.” In 1500 “When the Creek Indians arrived in the neighborhood of Kymulga Onyx Cave (Lun Hamga), they were told by the people of Coosa that an adventure-some stray jaguar was making his den in the Cave. They killed the gorgeous animal, dreaded foe of man, and reserved his bones which they carried to war for over 300 years. The Creek Indian name of the jaguar was “Isti-pap” meaning person eater.”

2. Prehistoric Life


This story is both exciting and disappointing! DeSoto Caverns leadership decided to transform the 162 steps into DeSoto Caverns into a ramp in order to make DeSoto Caverns one of the earliest caverns to have a handicap accessible entrance. This took a great deal of engineering work to accomplish and involved removing clay and then repacking it under the current tunnel inside the caverns. We finished the tunnel in 1995 and when completed, we had a pile of left over clay that we hadn’t used to fill in the tunnel ramp. As we moved the clay we were astonished to find a huge bone that didn’t belong to a human!! It was tested and we found that it was an ancient young mastodon’s bone! We searched the rest of the pile to recover the full skeleton only to find that the rest of the skeleton lays under our finished tunnel into the caverns!

3. America's Most Historic Cavern

Kymulga Onyx Cave 1965 Brochure copy.jpg

In 1931 DeSoto Caverns is described in the State of Alabama Senate as being the “nation’s most historic cavern.” Not only have we found the prehistoric bones of a mastodon and Native American bones dating back over 2,000 years, but the Caverns was designated as America’s first Cave on record thanks to Benjamin Hawkins, who reported the caverns to our first President, George Washington in the 1700’s!

4. Passionate Environmental Leader


Ida Mathis, an incredible leader, was the first to purchase the underground rights to the cave. Ida Brandon grew up in the Florence community, where she was prepared for a quiet domestic life. However, after marrying Giles Huffman Mathis and inheriting money of her own, Ida set out to do something radically different from what her upbringing had prepared her for: she decided to revolutionize the American agricultural system. Through her innovative ideas and careful teaching, she did just that. Ida Mathis purchased the caverns in 1920 and has been inducted into the Alabama’s women’s Hall of Fame for her incredible contributions to our state. Here is a quote from her induction: “Alabama's foremost citizen and the greatest woman in the United States.” It also said that Mrs Mathis was “The greatest woman farmer in the United States. That's what they call Mrs. G. H. Mathis in Alabama. And no wonder, just to talk to her is an inspiration. But she will laugh at you if you tell her that. She will probably laugh at you anyhow, for she loves laughter, and green things growing, and cows that give rich creamy milk and pigs that weigh what they ought to weigh, and farmers that make good."

5. Legendary Light Show

DeSoto Caverns’ light show is considered one of the top underground light show experiences in the country! We also offer a variety of shows throughout the year including our God & Country Light Show, Christmas Light Show, Valentine’s Day Light Show and our year-round favorite Legends Light Show. In our popular Legends Light Show orchestra music immerses our audience through the passage of time highlighting the historic moments of our caverns through music from sacred Native American experiences to Patriotic notes of the Civil War. One these shows will take place on every one of our hour-long guided tours! Our calendar will share which show is taking place so that you can prepare for your underground experience. We also offer a year-round cave pass which allows you to experience and share these additional shows for an upgrade of only $9.99 for use throughout the next 365 days!

6. Involved in Local Schools

At DeSoto Caverns, we developed a program called “local love” that uses a percentage of our company funds and money donated in our wishing well by our guests to support initiatives proposed by our local schools! Thanks to our team members, guests, and company focus, we have been able to partner with schools and participate in installing an agriscience center at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, a VEX Robotics Classroom & Competition Project at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, an outdoor classroom complete with a garden at Childersburg Middle School, a Cool Koi Habitat at Watwood Elementary, and new books and a reading nook at Childersburg Elementary and many more wonderful projects!

7. Legacy of Family


Al Mathis, grandson of Ida Mathis, was the first owner of the land to operate the caverns for the public. He lived in the back of the old gift shop with his dog, Kay, and gave tours to anyone who walked up to the caverns. He prayed for funds for a parking lot, as the full property was overflowing with trees and there was no place for guests to park, and that week a tornado came through the property and carved out the perfect parking lot. He studied the history of the caverns and made plans for all the property currently seen at the Caverns. He married Danielle in the 1970’s and together they worked the small gift shop and took turns giving tours. He read books and studied from others and humbly worked towards the facility DeSoto Caverns is today. He drew plans and created our 3/4 acre maze by hand in the 1980’s, This business is very much the blood, sweat, and joys of a family drawn together. He, along with his wife, Danielle, had three sons and a daughter who played various roles in helping out with the family business from maintenance to every position you see in the park. For all his efforts in preserving and turning this Alabama gem into a destination for the State, Al was inducted into the Tourism Hall of Fame in 2018. He has received numerous awards throughout the years for his hard-work and dedication, but if you were to look at his office you would see that the most prominent pieces are photos of his loved ones.

Working to bring you Park Improvements!

IMG_4694 copy.jpg

We are so proud of our team for going above and beyond in so many ways during our off-season to work together to bring you and yours unforgettable experiences! We have been working through our internal mentorship program to meet with each of our supervisors and create group meetings with our entire team to brainstorm on how to improve our guest experience, team culture, and the amazing property we are all stewards of. We have also been at work cleaning, painting and, as you can see, paving new pathways within our caverns. The new pathway we have installed in our caverns creates a less steep slope for our handicap guests and we are hopeful that this makes our cave increasingly more accessible to those with special needs. We are continuously looking for more ways we can accomodate more people within this majestic caverns. We hope you enjoy the improvements we've worked hard to make happen at our park during your next visit!