DeSoto Caverns

Camping in the Cave

For those groups seeking something beyond the ordinary, look no further than an overnight stay in the mesmerizing DeSoto Caverns. Many have camped, but few can say they've camped in the depths of the earth.

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Summer is just around the corner and whether you’re part of a youth group, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, or planning a church group excursion, we have the ultimate outdoor/indoor experience!  And don’t worry about traveling too far, we are located just 36 miles southeast of Birmingham down Highway 280.

This is one of the greatest camping experiences as it maximizes your capacity to enjoy the wonder while also experiencing the beauty of the caverns' sounds people have enjoyed for thousands of years.

Don’t worry about being too disconnected from the outside world, either. We provide amenities such as outlets to blow up air mattresses and WiFi to keep friends and family updated during your stay. The cave can be dark at night so we recommend bringing a flashlight or lantern. While many caves drop to very low temperatures, our cave is sixty degrees year round which also makes it an excellent, temperate place to enjoy your stay.

With any of our overnight packages, you’ll be able to spend 12 hours in the cave and take an extended lantern-lit tour of the caverns. On the tour, you will learn about the prehistoric Indians that lived and died in the caverns, Confederate soldiers that mined gunpowder, early Indian traders that visited, and moonshine making during prohibition times. You will also be able to enjoy our flashlight maze attraction during your stay.  

Additional packages let you choose more attractions from our 20+ “wacky” attractions, including our Panning for Gemstones, Wall Climb, and the always popular Cannon Wars. And if your group would enjoy a unique meal experience, we provide a hot dog roast over campfires in the evening and breakfast pastries, cereal and fruit with our Legendary Overnight and Epic Overnight experiences.

You can also enjoy a delicious treat from the Cave Café during your stay. We’ve chosen to partner with local, quality companies in order to provide and serve incredible food and drink options that contribute to making memorable moments. You can also bring a souvenir home from our gift shop!

We think our overnight cave experience is great, but don’t take our word for it. Here are what customers have said about camping with us!

“We were there on a school field trip and stayed overnight in the cave. The kids loved the entire experience. The games and activities outside kept them occupied for hours. The tour guides were great with the kids, very patient and so nice with all of them. The kids learned so much on the cave tour and really loved all the one on one interaction.” - Angie

“Our Boy Scout Troop 1513 from Atlanta (Union City, GA) had a great time. The cavern was wonderful and spending the night in the cave was probably the coolest thing for the boys.” - Monique

“We took our scouts to do an overnighter in the cavern....our boys had a blast and we had an amazing set of guides.  What an amazing adventure. Thank you Desoto Caverns” - Eric


We guarantee a night unlike any other. For pricing information and FAQs about staying overnight in the caverns, visit here.

DeSoto Caverns Local Love

DeSoto Caverns Local Love

DeSoto Caverns is different from other parks in that we didn’t choose our location. Our caverns were formed in central Alabama and have played a part of the rich, local history of this area. They aren’t going anywhere, and neither are we, which is why we desire to build bridges with the surrounding community. We want to be intentional about showing our appreciation. 

Celebrate Christmas at the Cave

Celebrate Christmas at the Cave

Create a new tradition that allows your family to take the much-needed time to relax and savor this magical season. It’s time to focus on family fun and creating new and unique memories. That’s why we're overjoyed to invite you and your loved ones to celebrate the holiday season at DeSoto Caverns for Christmas at the Cave!

Guests Love Tomb of the Risen Dead!

Guests Love Tomb of the Risen Dead!

We are halfway through the month of October, which means there are only two more weekends for you to join us for Tomb of the Risen Dead! We think this event is pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it! Click to read what our guests had to say about the first two weekends of Tomb of the Risen Dead.