DeSoto Caverns

Legendary Shots Comes to DeSoto Caverns

Tonight Legendary Shots took on their greatest challenge yet, "a shot in the dark", total darkness. You may know Legendary Shots for their Youtube sensation videos of them making incredible trick shots. So far they've made basketball hoops from hot air balloon rides, double cat walks, and even from the height of a helicopter ride! But at DeSoto Caverns they not only made a shot from an incredible distance, but they did it in total darkness. That's right, we turned out all of our lights in our caverns and in total darkness they made the perfect shot. Total darkness can only be experienced in three places: deep in outer space, deep in the ocean, and inside of a cave. So this was their opportunity to make a shot impossible in any other venue, a "shot in the dark." And they succeeded, we have a photo of a perfect basket on its way while our lights where still on for you to see what took place in the dark. But the legendary shot in the dark, didn't make for an exciting photo, but was impressive to experience. The Legendary Shots crew did capture that shot using night-vision video gear and we look forward to seeing their results! If you would like to see more of their talented ability, please check out their Youtube page here.