DeSoto Caverns

Meet Our New President - Joy Sorensen

Over 100 years ago, Ida Brandon Mathis took special interest in the underground beauty of what today is known as DeSoto Caverns. Ownership of the land continued to pass from generation to generation, but it would be over 60 years before a member of the family, Allen W Mathis III would develop the land into a tourist attraction. Now 40 years later, the family continues with the business being passed into the capable hands of Allen’s daughter, Joy Sorensen.

“I have been given a wonderful opportunity to follow in my great-great-grandmother’s footsteps who had such a passion for this land.”

Seeing her father run the family business as a child, Joy grew up with a love and appreciation for the caverns and the surrounding land. She was involved with the park from a young age, doing everything from helping stuff envelopes to working on the outdoor attractions. Joy said, “I was always so proud to have an opportunity to be a part of making people’s days special, and getting to do this on my family’s land was a complete joy.”

With her appointment as President of DeSoto Caverns, Joy has the opportunity to continue bringing happiness to the families that visit the caverns. Supported by a trusted team, which includes her husband Jared Sorensen in the role of Chief Visionary Officer, and guided by a cohesive vision for the future, Joy has big plans for the cave and surrounding property. In the near future, the DeSoto Caverns team plans on introducing immersive adventure experiences in the cave, along with incredible entertainment that will leave everyone excited for their next visit. “It is a dream come true to work on what I believe in with people I can dream with… and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”