DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto's Team Members Give Back!

Here at DeSoto Caverns, we have a passion for making a difference in our local community, especially local schools. We’re also committed to being a great place to work for great people. This quarter, we decided to merge these two priorities and throw a little competition in the mix. We connected our Team Member’s excellent guest service with service to our local community, and had some fun!

This quarter, we partnered with two local schools, Watwood Elementary and Childersburg Elementary. Both provided us with a list of several of their needs. We then split our Team Members into two teams. One team chose a specific need to fill from the list the schools provided, and the other chose a different, but equally important need.

Each team encouraged guests to review their park experience, and at the end of the review, guests would name the team that best served them. Our Leadership tallied the number of positive reviews and a visual representation of the progress of each team was displayed in the break room. The team with the most positive reviews at the end of the quarter won, gaining the honor of having their chosen need met for both schools.

Although there was only one winner, everyone on our staff will be involved in delivering the new improvements to the schools. The winning team chose to provide Watwood Elementary with a new reading nook and many new books for their classrooms. Childersburg Elementary received new technology kits in order to improve their science lab experience for all of their elementary students.

The goal in creating a competition was to make the experience fun for our Team Members and to help them see how their impressions on our guests can make a difference. We will continue this competition throughout the year with several different causes and charities, so if you’re planning on visiting DeSoto Caverns, gives us a review and we can make a difference together!