DeSoto Caverns

The Stories of Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, a Food and Music Festival at DeSoto Caverns

Here at DeSoto Caverns, we’re gearing up for Home Sweet Home, a Food & Music Festival happening on July 1-2. This will be a time to share the stories of our country's past, present, and future through music, taste, and celebration. We hope you’ll join us!

Throughout the promotion of this event, we’ve intentionally been using specific language telling the stories of this nation, this state, and the exciting people who live here. The reasoning behind this is that we want every single one of our events to be based on our passion for storytelling. In fact, we have an unofficial standard that every aspect of communication with our guests must reflect these three things: story, relationship, and love.

Home Sweet Home promo picture - guitar

You can come into our park and experience beautiful landmarks, but if you don’t feel like you’re engaging in something that’s intriguing or feel like you’ve gotten to hear stories that have affected your way of thinking, then you leave without anything other than a walk-through. It’s not a true experience. The more your heart is engaged in things, the more value is being added to you and those around you. John Maxwell, an author, speaker, and pastor, once said, “You add value to people when you value them.” What does adding value to people look like at DeSoto Caverns?

We want our guests to feel like they’ve had value added to them after visiting our caverns, so we incorporate our Team Members into each experience. We encourage them to treat those who come to us like royalty and with the utmost respect. It takes a while to incorporate this personally, but it especially takes time to incorporate into a culture. We’re so proud of our Team Members for how they are adapting to this philosophy.

In every book and movie, each character introduced changes things. Every person that’s added to the story affects the outcome. Our dream is to be an immersive theme park where every single encounter changes your story. We look for unique ways to add value to your experience. Our dream is that as we hire people, we find out what their skills are, and we use those skills to add value to our guests’ experiences. We want people to use their giftings to engage our guests with something and to tell their own story through their talents.

Home Sweet Home promo - piano

So what does this have to do with Home Sweet Home? The DeSoto Caverns Team has passion to be a business where people get to see that their story matters, and encourage them to share it with those around them. Every vendor that comes is a part of our park is going to have a story to tell. For our local food trucks owners, it’s not just that they can cook good food; it’s about where their love for cooking came from and challenges they’ve overcome to follow their dreams. For the singers, it’s not just that they can sing beautifully; it’s about what their passions are and where they find inspiration for the songs they sing. Every one of us has a story to tell about how we became who we are and how we achieved our dreams. Let’s all share those stories together.


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