DeSoto Caverns

Stay Cool this Summer at DeSoto Caverns!

It’s been a hot summer already and it's not even July! The temperatures are only going to rise, which makes staying indoors or opting for the pool every day very tempting. What if there was a way to be outside, explore a beautiful landmark, and cool off? There is! Take advantage of the rest of summer and visit DeSoto Caverns! Keep reading to learn why Desoto Caverns is the perfect summer destination for you and your friends and family.

1. Become a Cave Dweller

Beat the heat at DeSoto Caverns! Our cave is always 60°F, so you'll stay cool even when it's hot outside.

Cool off in our caves! They’re always a refreshing temperature, staying at 60°F year-round. They stay the same temperature because they’re underground and not affected by the weather outside. It may be humid and 95°F outside, but you can always expect our caves to be cool! 


2. Add Some Water

Cool off this summer with fun water attractions at DeSoto Caverns!

We have so many fun water attractions available for quality family fun. Take your spot  at the opposing forts and battle your family and friends in an all out water balloon war! Get soaked in our Squirt Gun Lost Trail Maze! Cool off with a boat ride in DeSoto’s Paddle Boats! 


3. Eat Sweet Treats

Cool off with some sweet treats and refreshing drinks at DeSoto Cavern's Cave Cafe.

Stop by the Cave Café for some cool treats! Enjoy a refreshing iced latte or Nitro Cold Brew provided by Octane Coffee, or cool off with a delicious soft drink. 


4. Spend Time with Family

Host the perfect family reunion at DeSoto Caverns!

Summer is a great time for families to get together for reunions. This year, host it at DeSoto Caverns! We offer group packages and pavilion rentals. All of our attractions encourage teamwork, community, and fun! 


5. Celebrate Independence

Celebrate Independence Day with Home Sweet Home, a Food & Music Festival at DeSoto Caverns.

Join us for Home Sweet Home, a Food & Music Festival happening July 1-2! This event will be a great way to spend time with family and friends, all while honoring of the unity and freedom our Nation stands for. We hope you’ll join us! 

Learn more about Home Sweet Home here.