DeSoto Caverns

Thanks for coming to Home Sweet Home

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Last weekend was our Home Sweet Home event! Our guests enjoyed beautiful weather (despite some threatening forecasts), fantastic music, delicious food, and loads of summer fun! Todd Key, our stilts walker, entertained our younger crowd as our guests entered the park. The music was heard throughout the park as children played in the splash pad and as families enjoyed some of the scrumptious food available from our local food trucks. Guests were able to take a break from the heat by going on a cave tour and enjoying the 60°F year-round temperatures. We started off each morning in a patriotic fashion with the Pledge of Allegiance and the ringing of 13 bells. Our veterans and active members of the military, who were able to enter this event for free, were honored each day. We know that our Nation would not be what it is today without their sacrifice, and that’s exactly what this event was created to celebrate.

We’re so pleased with the outcome and recognize that it wouldn’t have happened without our fantastic vendors, musicians, team members, and, of course, our guests. Thank you for coming out and celebrating Independence Day weekend with us. We’d love to share some of the comments and feedback we received from some event participants.

“Exceptional leadership has resulted in a park experience that is unmatched! The cavern tour is both educational and entertaining with an extraordinary light show and fantastic tour guides. Then there's fun for the entire family in the park's many activities! As someone who has been in similar parks around the nation, I can safely say Desoto is the most family friendly, well-rounded park that I've found.” - Nikki McLeod, one of our performers

“My family and I visited Desoto Caverns this weekend for Home Sweet Home, and we were amazed! The level of excellence with which the owners approach their business is evident down to the smallest detail! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the grounds are beautiful and immaculately kept! The cave is fascinating. There is so much to explore, and tons of activities for the kids!” - Sandra Mullins Bost, event attendee

Our Team Members also had some humorous interactions with some of our younger festival attendees.

"There was a boy who was sitting on a bench enjoying Dippin’ Dots when I walked by. He said to me: 'This is the first time I have EVER had Dippin’ Dots.' Then, as if interviewing, his mother asked him, 'And has it changed your life?' Without missing a beat he said to me 'And my life has been changed FOREVER!'" - Alexis

"I was working at the cash register when suddenly a little girl came running around the counter and grabbed me by the hand and very insistently told me, 'There's a lizard on the loose! There's a lizard on the loose in the park! You have to come help!' I was in the midst of ringing up some guests, but I looked up to see her father coming to collect his little girl, but his face had turned a little shade of red!" - Meaghan

“A young girl, two-and-a-half years old, named Havilah saw Todd Key, the stilt walker and asked her mother, ‘Mommy, does that man go home to a tall house in a tall car?’” - Joy Sorenson

Scenes from Home Sweet Home