DeSoto Caverns

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tomb of the Risen Dead

Find out why Tomb of the Risen Dead was named by insider the "Best way to celebrate Halloween in Alabama!" Are you tired of Halloween events with stressful frights and nothing for everyone to enjoy?! This is the perfect event for you! Tomb of the Risen Dead is thrilling fun for everyone, featuring intriguing character quests, world-class entertainment, shows, a movie, interactive storylines where you choose your own path and so much more!

Still not convinced you should embark on such an adventure as this? Below are 8 reasons you should join us at DeSoto Caverns for the thrilling yet magical experience that is Tomb of the Risen Dead.


1. Something for Everyone

There's something for every one at Tomb of the Risen Dead - with a haunted maze, haunted cave, and fall festival, the whole family is guaranteed to have a great time.

One of our favorite parts about Tomb of the Risen Dead is that there’s something for everyone! All of our entertainment is thrilling and fun for all, so come, be amazed and enjoy our family-friendly Harvest Festival!


2. Intriguing Storyline


Throughout this story-immersive park, you will find many characters with quests, attractions and challenges to make your journey unique to you and create an unforgettable adventure that will continually unfold. You may make friends or foes on your way, but will you discover the Emblems of Everlast and become a Hero of the Keepers? The choice is up to you, so come ready to explore.


3. Charismatic Characters

Charismatic Characters.jpg

Each character you’ll meet along the way, both good and evil, play an important part in our enchanting story. Guests choose their own fate based on the choices they make. Be wise and keep your wits about you—your very path depends on it!


4. Become a Lip-Syncing Star


Show off your sweet skills and participate in a Jester Lip-Syncing Battle with your friends and family! The friendly Jesters host this hilariously entertaining competition. Choose your favorite go-to karaoke song and "sing" you heart out! This is always a fan favorite, so make sure you come prepared! 


6. "Best Way to Celebrate Halloween in Alabama" - Insider


Check out the featured article here! The event entertainment ranges from "fire dancing to acrobatics to comedic juggling," with live entertainment every weekend.


6. Thrilling Entertainment


Speaking of our thrilling entertainment, this year has gotten bigger and better than EVER! We will have shows in our Festival entertainment area along with several mini shows and a grand show within DeSoto Caverns! That’s right, there’s an epic show that takes guests on a journey through fiery dance, stirring light and sound—including fire, fountains, color, and an epic display of brilliant, state-of-the-art lasers inside Alabama’s Big Cave!


7. Your favorite fall treats

Your favorite fall treats.jpg

What is a night out with friends and family without fall treats!? In addition to meals in the Cave Cafe, you can enjoy baked apple, pumpkin, and triple berry tarts, scrumptious fudge, a variety of muffins, and your favorite fall drinks including pumpkin spiced lattes and white hot chocolate. You can also purchase a s’mores kit! Go classic or give it a "Trick or Treat" spin with delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Trust us, they're unbelievable. 


8. Spooktacular Movies

Come out and watch movies like Wizard of Oz, The Addams Family, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Goosebumps

Each Friday, we’ll show a spooktacular, family-friendly movie for you and your friends and family to enjoy under the stars! You won’t want to miss out on gathering around a crackling fire to roast marshmallows and enjoy a memorable film on our big screen!


Now that you’re convinced, go ahead and get your tickets and embark on the spooky and thrilling adventure that is Tomb of the Risen Dead!