DeSoto Caverns

5 Reasons DeSoto Caverns is a MUST for Spring Break!

Looking for the perfect staycation for your family? How about an adventure that takes you into the extraordinary! You've spent the year meal prepping, caring for your family and trying to make those weekends together special. It's time to get away together on a stay-cation where you can celebrate the school year's accomplishments, take a much needed personal break and enjoy some fun together in the great outdoors. At our park we have over 20 attractions not including our greatest attraction, the World Heritage Site, DeSoto Caverns!

1. Majestic Caverns

Immerse yourself in this subterranean wonder for a captivating experience. Your Cavern tour begins in our Cathedral room, which is taller than a 10-story building and longer than a football field. If you are concerned about claustrophobia, this gargantuan room will send those fears running. Our Caverns tunnel entrance includes a ramp large enough for a small vehicle to drive in and out of the caverns, so you’re certain to enjoy the spacious underground terrain. On every hour-long guided Caverns tour, we feature our Light Show which is considered one of the greatest underground light shows in the country! Don’t miss this unforgettable encounter which our guests have rated one of their favorite experiences!

2. Hands on Adventure!

During your visit to our Caverns, there are over 20 attractions designed to test your skills, engage your mind or body, and bring you closer to those your friends and family! We have attractions ranging from archery, to a 3/4 acre maze, to our very popular canon wars! Be certain to check out our attraction page to learn more about all the fun in store for your Spring Break trip to DeSoto Caverns!

3. Educational Fun

If you want your family staycation to have more value than thrills and momentary fun, but to educate and enrich your family, DeSoto Caverns is the right choice. Our Caverns is the most historic cave in the nation, making it an incredible destination to meditate on all the changes that the history has seen while this peaceful place grew in untouched majesty. Although this caverns grew for millenia untouched, it has served as the setting for human history for over 2,000 years! Hear more about the many uses this Caverns has had through history on your tour here!

4. Delicious Food Options

Streetmosphere Saturday-92.jpg

Do you have picky eaters? We’ve got options in our Cave Cafe! Not only do we have a menu of meal options for your family during their visit, but we also have incredible treats. Our fudge, which comes in a variety of flavor options and was ranked as one of the top 100 foods you must eat before you die by Martha Stewart! We also have a full Cafe of delicious coffees, flavored lattes and teas. Our Cafe has partnered with an organization that provides a hot meal for a child in Honduras for every cup of coffee purchased from our cafe, so drink up and make a positive difference in the world on your spring break!

5. Great Regardless of Weather


Not only is our Caverns a one-of-a-kind adventure, but it also comes with an environmentally set thermostat! DeSoto Caverns is a comfortable 60 degrees year round, and although it is included nature’s categories of the great-outdoors, it is completely covered, giving you a great trip into nature regardless of the weather forecast!