DeSoto Caverns

Nature's Unexpected Garden


If you are looking for an outdoor experience unlike any other, we recommend stepping into nature's garden here at DeSoto Caverns. We have a diligent team who focuses on how to create a peaceful lush experience for our guests. We hope that when you and your loved ones come to our park, the beautiful surroundings help you focus on the beauty of nature, from lush green growth, to flowers to waterfalls.

Some may think of Nature’s Garden as being an above ground experience, but for those of us speleo-lovers, we know that some of earth’s growing parts have taken generations to grow even a few inches! So we invite you to look at the earth a little differently and see the blooming beauty of the underground with us. Yes, the stalactites and stalagmites are hard as… well, a rock, and not typically compared to the fragile beauty of a flower, but they too are the budding growing parts of our magnificent earth.