DeSoto Caverns

Ways to Beat the Summer Heat


Tired of choosing between the sweltering outdoors and cabin fever in the air-conditioned home? We have the perfect place for you to beat the heat this summer while enjoying the outdoors!


First of all, our caverns are sixty degrees year round, making it the ideal and only place to enjoy the outdoors and beat the heat! Our hour-long guided caverns tours include a vivid underground Light show within America’s most historic caverns. During your tour, you’ll forget the outdoor heat, while learning about the passage of time within this true time-capsule! You’ll also learn about how the majestic environment around you was uniquely formed. These caverns are equipped with modern conveniences as well for your comfort, including newly installed bathrooms and the ability to receive a cell phone signal underground! Your visit underground will make the above ground heat a pain of the past while you visit Alabama’s only accessible underground waterfall in the back passage of the caverns! And if you haven’t visited us before, it is helpful to know that are passageways are spacious and smooth, making it an ideal visit!

After your trek underground, we have plenty of wonderful ways to cool off in our park. From our cafe’s iced lattes, to our water attractions! Speaking of lattes, don’t forget that we partner with an incredible organization that provides one hot meal for a child in Honduras for every cup of coffee or latte served from our cafe! So cool off with your favorite flavored latte while making a positive difference in the world.

Our water attractions are a huge hit in the summer, and include various activities that will bring out your leisure side or your competitive edge! Our water balloon battle is a classic favorite, as our guests fill water balloons and have the opportunity to launch them towards each other from our themed historical structures! We also have a squirt gun maze area, where you can get explore while surprising your friends and/or family with your quick skills on the squirt gun! We also have paddle boats and foam falls for those looking for a less competitive but effective way to cool off in the heat! Regardless of what kind of fun you are looking for, we have just the adventure for you and yours.