DeSoto Caverns

Don't Miss Homeschool Day at DeSoto Caverns

This year, we are pleased to announce our Spring Homeschool Day has been scheduled for March 4th. A little known fact is that the current owners of DeSoto Caverns homeschooled for over 10 years. As a part of our passion for providing enriching educational experiences, we dedicate specific days to include homeschooling families in our very discounted school rates. Creating a day in the spring and two in the fall allows families to both participate in a school rate priced experience and network with others homeschool families on that day.

Any families participating in the Alabama Bicentennial celebration and educating their students on Alabama’s history will find DeSoto Caverns the perfect adventure, as we are a passport location for the Alabama bicentennial. And why not celebrate our state’s 200th anniversary by exploring America’s most historic cave? Transport yourself through one of the rare sites where you are submerged in the roots of Alabama history. Immerse yourself in the sounds, sights and wonders that previous generations have cherished as a shelter, a source of adventure, or as an extraordinary exploration of nature. Whether you are excited about visiting Alabama's Passport Site List, passionate about cultural locations, or interested in historical sites, DeSoto Caverns offers a unique perspective on our state’s history. Although DeSoto Caverns’ history predates both Alabama’s statehood and America’s independence from England, the Caverns has also played a consistent role throughout significant events of the state of Alabama’s history.

DeSoto Caverns is a world heritage site that both you and your students are bound to enjoy on your visit. But the educational fun doesn’t stop in the caverns. One piece of Alabama history many people do not know about is the Alabama gold rush. It was overshadowed by the California gold rush but had a significant boom within the goldmines of Goldville, Alabama where it is estimated that over $50 million dollars worth of gold was found during the 1820’s 30’s and 40’s. DeSoto Caverns re-lives this unique piece of Alabama history through their panning for gemstones attraction, which includes pyrite as a reminder of this shiny historic moment. Be certain to have your students (and yourself) participate in some of the many educationally enriching experiences above ground at DeSoto Caverns. To learn more about the Homeschool day offer and details regarding acceptable credentials, click here!