DeSoto Caverns

Homeschool Day

Looking for the perfect Homeschool Day outing? Look no further! Engage in an immersive educational experience together at DeSoto Caverns at our deepest DISCOUNTS available this September 23rd and September 30th! Both student and teacher/s will receive our School Adventure Package, which includes a Caverns tour, Maze and Gemstone Panning tickets for only $17! This Package is valued at $34.99, so make sure to plan to come to Alabama's favorite Field Trip this September 23rd and 30th!

The owners of DeSoto Caverns homeschooled their children for many years and are happy to offer this as an opportunity to homeschooling families! Thank you for being involved in your child's education! We know that it takes a great deal of love and sacrifice to put your care and attention into your child's education. Which is why we want to make it as easy as possible to come to Homeschool Day with your wonderful family!

Wondering about credentials for Homeschool Day? We are so excited to host Homeschooling families at Alabama’s favorite Field Trip location! Our park is open 363 days a year and sees visitors from all over the country and world, so, in order to offer our deepest discount available exclusively to Homeschooling families, we must require a form of credentials. We accept any of the following credentials: Cover School Letter, Homeschool ID, and Homeschool Legal Defense Card. We recognize that not all Homeschooling families have the above credentials, but the great new is that there are free Homeschool ID cards available online! Simply google free Homeschool ID card and create your own! These are accepted credentials and allow us to serve you with the special deep discount of $18 off on this day and know who is a homeschooling family and who is a guest visiting Alabama’s destination cave.


We care about education so much that we installed a free online educational portal on our website for you to prepare for your family’s Homeschool Day trip! This portal is very easy to use, as it is broken down by grade level and subject! We have videos, quizzes and teaching in both science and social studies in every grade K through 12. So go to and begin preparing for your Homeschool field trip! We are an Alabama Bicentennial “Past-Port” location as well, so if you have a state “past port”, make sure to get yours stamped at our location! Please message us on Facebook if you have any more questions, as we're so happy to help!

We hope to see you this September 23rd or September 30th for a wonderful day of learning, fun and connections!