DeSoto Caverns

Working to bring you Park Improvements!

IMG_4694 copy.jpg

We are so proud of our team for going above and beyond in so many ways during our off-season to work together to bring you and yours unforgettable experiences! We have been working through our internal mentorship program to meet with each of our supervisors and create group meetings with our entire team to brainstorm on how to improve our guest experience, team culture, and the amazing property we are all stewards of. We have also been at work cleaning, painting and, as you can see, paving new pathways within our caverns. The new pathway we have installed in our caverns creates a less steep slope for our handicap guests and we are hopeful that this makes our cave increasingly more accessible to those with special needs. We are continuously looking for more ways we can accomodate more people within this majestic caverns. We hope you enjoy the improvements we've worked hard to make happen at our park during your next visit!