DeSoto Caverns
 Ida Mathis, the first owner of DeSoto Caverns

Ida Mathis

Ida Mathis along with several business partners purchased the cave in 1910. Ida Mathis had a big vision for this cave, and had planned to mine it’s gem stone quality onyx. Through an unfortunate turn of events, the American market for onyx turned sour. Ida Mathis felt the land had deeper value than monetary gain and purchased the other shares from the other business partners. 

 Allen and Danielle Mathis, the current owners of DeSoto Caverns

Allen Mathis III & Danielle Mathis

In 1975, Ida Mathis' great grandson Allen W. Mathis III started the development of DeSoto Caverns. He and his wife Danielle are the first in the family line to open the land up to the public as a tourist attraction. They believed that their privately owned Caverns was a national and local treasure that needed to be experienced by the public. Al Mathis and his wife have worked at the park for over forty years and are still involved with the management and future development of the park. 

 Joy Sorensen, the current President of DeSoto Caverns, and her husband Jared, the Chief Visionary Officer of the Caverns.

Joy & Jared Sorensen

In 2015, a fifth generation of Ida Mathis’ family started managing DeSoto Caverns. Mr. Mathis’ daughter, Joy, is now the President and her husband, Jared, is the Chief Visionary Officer. They are currently collaborating with a team of incredible individuals to make DeSoto Caverns an unforgettable experience. 

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