DeSoto Caverns

Our Haunted Halloween Park will feature two incredible haunt attractions: "The Labyrinth of Lost Souls" and "The Tomb of the Risen Dead." The Labyrinth of Lost Souls will be located within our 3/4 acre maze. In "The Labyrinth of Lost Souls" Attraction each guest will be deciding their own fate and ultimate reward, but not without encountering the assembly of the dead who may long to persuade each and every guest to stray. Our cave will be transformed into "The Tomb of the Risen Dead" Attraction and our not-so-faint of heart guests will experience a terrifying awakening because the deep is ready to speak. When our thrill seekers exit these attractions they can join in the festival fun and entertainment located on the other side of the park.

Meet our Characters

The Dreadful Mistress Folly

The Sage Sisters


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