We've been so excited to bring you this incredible attraction. A lot of work has gone into every aspect of our first ever night park experience and we don't want those of you searching the depths of it, to miss out at all. In each Haunted Attraction our dream was to bring a message, one that was not so overtly hit-you-over-the-head obvious that it became preachy. But a message like the gospel in that it is clear to those who seek it. And it takes listening, awareness, and seeing past what is right in front of you. We certainly hope you enjoy this experience.

The Labyrinth of Lost Souls is a metaphor for the twists and turns of life. Each "lost soul" is named after a certain vice. Every one of our lost souls, in small groups (during Haunt School) and on their own, was coached into the depth of their character. With names ranging from deception, anger, arrogance, recklessness, fear etc. each character has been through extensive research learning how their character would express their specific vice. For instance, our character recklessness decided that she had an orphan spirit, had never felt invested into and in response to feeling undervalued she lives with a sense of making certain nothing has value. She walks with a limp and runs into the walls because she doesn't value herself or the things around her. She's just one of many characters, but not only is each character unique, but so are their make ups. Make up is a huge part of each character. So, we saw it as essential that we as visionaries, our characters, and our incredibly talented make up crew work in tandem to create a make up that is specific to that character.  All of our Lost Souls have a ghostly make up with lots of whites, purples, blues, and greys. This is in contrast to the style of all the individual make ups inside of the "Tomb of the Risen Dead." We are so proud of each and every character in our maze and the depth of understanding that pours into the mannerisms. 

Also in The Labyrinth of Lost Souls we have three towers. These towers contain our three sisters: Lady Wisdom, Madame Insight, and the Bride. Each sister is beautifully dressed, but still has a haunting presence. They are symbols of wisdom, insight, and the identity that comes from being well loved. But since they are in a fallen world, it takes discernment past their surroundings to recognize that they are placed in your path to help. Those who listen and head their words will be rewarded, but those who stray will learn the folly of their ways. These women have studied the background of what it means to represent characters who are meant to be trustworthy, yet because of where they are placed in the world, our guests may second guess their wisdom. The scripts for these characters have been carefully crafted with either inserts of quotations from Scripture or with strong thematic language (specifically Proverbs).

Questions after Going through "The Labyrinth of Lost Souls"

  1. What do you believe your light symbolized?
  2. Why do you think others were desperate to take your light from you?
  3. How is the maze similar to life?
  4. How can vices effect a lost soul?