Christmas Party!

As your enthusiastic entertainment center, our team is dedicated to serving families, groups, birthday parties, and friends year-round and providing a safe place to have fun! In preparation for the busy holiday season, we wanted to be sure to take time to celebrate this amazing team and the incredible caring service they provide. Every caverns tour, attraction, and Gift Shop experience is important to us, and is made more special by the faces below. This stellar team that puts that personal touch into caring for you, deserved an extra special fun night out. And what better night having fun than creating a themed bowling night?! So here's a look at some of the faces, both manning the deck and behind the scenes, that are keen on bringing you the best of experiences. We're a quirky cave family, and we hope you enjoy looking through some of our fun!

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Opening Weekend of Tomb of the Risen Dead

This October, DeSoto Caverns is ready to host your best fall memories yet! If you are on the search for fall fun for everyone, we invite you to enjoy Tomb of the Risen Dead's spooky fun for everyone! We have live performances every night, host characters, family friendly movies, Chick-Fil-A serving food, hot apple cider, caramel apples, customized s'mores, and more! Our two haunted attractions were ranked top 8 in Alabama, including a theatrical immersive story through the Labyrinth of Lost Souls and the Tomb of the Risen Dead! So, come one, come all, and enjoy our spooky fun for everyone! 

Below are some photos from our Opening Weekend! Don't miss out on all the fun in our future weekends, there's only so much time left in the month! For more information and a Behind the Scenes look at all the fun, check out

Native American Festival June 2016

At DeSoto Caverns we love family, and one of the many things we love about our Native American Festival is how much their cultures emphasizes family! Beyond the beautiful dancing, musical talent, and elaborate headdresses and regalia, the heart of the Native American culture is family. As you look through the photos, you'll notice that many of our entertaining Native American tribes have their children with them because they value passing on their culture from one generation to the next. It was a wonderful experience getting to learn about how strongly the Native American tribes represented value learning from each other and respecting the customs of other tribes as well as protecting and passing on their own traditions and history. This year we were proud to host multiple Native American tribes including, the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Plainsmen, and Aztec Tribes.  

We'd like to thank all of our guests for attending this event! It is because of your overwhelming positive responses from last year's festival, that we were able to bring you even more Native American tribes, cultural representations (an authentic encampment, blowgun demonstrations, headdress displays, etc.), and even more festival vendors! It is only through your support that we are able to bring you more events that you love! We'd also like to thank our Native American Tribes for sharing their culture, history, dance, music, language, families, and hearts with us! They did an incredible job and we cannot wait to see them again next year!

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One Summer Event Your Family Can't Miss!

This summer we are proud to present our Native American Festival this June 11 & 12! We would like to thank all of our guests last year for your overwhelming support of the Native American Festival. It is a joy for us to host this exciting event and educate new generations about this Nation's incredible culture and history. With all the incredible support we had last year, we couldn't help but thank you all by expanding the many entertainment offerings and bringing you more opportunities to step into the magic of the day!  Our team has been working excitedly in order to make this Native American Festival our best yet with a variety of incredible Native American entertainers and lots of talented vendors!

We invite you this June 11 & 12 to our bigger and better Native American Festival! We will have continuous entertainment all day Saturday and Sunday including dancing, drumming and musical acts, authentic Native American encampment, blow gun and stickball demonstrations, beadwork and dreamcatcher demonstrations, Native American headdress display, many other Native American traditions, Native American crafts and foods, along with a variety of other craft and food vendors! It's a day you and your family won't want to miss!

The 2016 New Team Members!

We couldn't be more excited to welcome the new members of our DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park team! We are dreamers, players, and people who love to take care of our guests! If you are looking for a place to bring your family with a fun group of gifted, excited people, come to DeSoto Caverns! Here are a few photos from our first day of training, as you can see, we like to have fun as we bring our new team members into the family!

Jareen & Mohammed_5784.jpg
Jareen & Mohammed_5785.jpg

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope you and your loved ones have been making new favorite memories while enjoying company and good food. We had our special work Christmas party for everyone full of games, prizes, and good food last week. And although the holiday festivities are wrapping up for the year, you still have time to come and enjoy the Christmas season at DeSoto Caverns. We will be keeping our decorations up and showing our Christmas Laser, Sound, Water, & Light Show until January 4th. So come out and enjoy celebrating the reason for the season with your friends and family at DeSoto Caverns!

As Christmas brings up memories of the past, we felt like sharing a few very old photos of ours. Clearly we've grown quite a bit since the old days, but even small beginnings have their fond nostalgia. We encourage you to take this special time to remember where you've come from and how much you've grown. Most of all, we encourage everyone to spread the love in their hearts to loved ones near and far. Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 

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Legendary Shots Comes to DeSoto Caverns

Tonight Legendary Shots took on their greatest challenge yet, "a shot in the dark", total darkness. You may know Legendary Shots for their Youtube sensation videos of them making incredible trick shots. So far they've made basketball hoops from hot air balloon rides, double cat walks, and even from the height of a helicopter ride! But at DeSoto Caverns they not only made a shot from an incredible distance, but they did it in total darkness. That's right, we turned out all of our lights in our caverns and in total darkness they made the perfect shot. Total darkness can only be experienced in three places: deep in outer space, deep in the ocean, and inside of a cave. So this was their opportunity to make a shot impossible in any other venue, a "shot in the dark." And they succeeded, we have a photo of a perfect basket on its way while our lights where still on for you to see what took place in the dark. But the legendary shot in the dark, didn't make for an exciting photo, but was impressive to experience. The Legendary Shots crew did capture that shot using night-vision video gear and we look forward to seeing their results! If you would like to see more of their talented ability, please check out their Youtube page here


Tomb of the Risen Dead : Costume Party!

Last night's costume party at DeSoto Cavern's Tomb of the Risen Dead was magical! Thank you to all our guests for your costume creativity, it really showed! Tonight we welcomed individuals from all galaxies, powers, time periods, and worlds! We hope you enjoy some of the photos from our exciting costume contest and parade here at Tomb of the Risen Dead! 

We  also enjoyed the many and marvelous talents of Todd Key! He performed a comedy juggling act, and later the forest came alive as a tree emerged from the woods and walked around among us! We hope you enjoyed your time and we look forward to hosting you again next year!


Tomb of the Risen Dead : Fourth Weekend!!

What an incredible weekend it was at Tomb of the Risen Dead at DeSoto Caverns! We were happy to bring you the phenomenal variety of talents of Todd Key! He kept us laughing and entertained us with his amazing Cirque Du Todd Show! Then later the forest came alive as a walking tree man over twelve feet tall entered our grounds for our guests to have photos taken with! If you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy Tomb of the Risen Dead's fantastic entertainment, don't miss our epic finale on October 29, 30, & 31st! We have Todd Key coming back on Thursday night and La Santa Damania coming again this Friday & Saturday! And as always, we'll have movies showing in our outdoor movie amphitheater along with fires going for your specialty s'more roasting enjoyment! 


DeSoto Caverns' Tomb of the Risen Dead at Chick-Fil-A

We had a marvelous time being a part of family night at Chick-Fil-A this past Tuesday! We'd like to thank the original Chick-Fil-A in Birmingham on 280 for inviting Tomb of the Risen Dead at DeSoto Caverns to be a part of this incredibly fun night! We taught the children more about how to transform into their own halloween characters, which involved dress up and fun props! We also had a piñata full of candy to bring them into the swing of Halloween! We danced and hula-hooped the night away with our new friends! It was a night full of fun and delicious food! Don't forget to bring your family to Tomb of the Risen Dead. We have a festival area for all to enjoy and our incredible haunt attractions are in a separate area for our bravest of guests!