DeSoto Caverns
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About Principio Coffee at DeSoto Caverns

We chose to bring Principio’s delicious coffee with a heart to DeSoto Caverns because we believe in partnering with Alabama companies that are making a positive difference in our world. We are proud to partner with other Alabama businesses and allow our visitors to savor the flavors that make the south so unique. Principio is grown in Honduras and roasted by highly trained roasters in Birmingham, Alabama. Principio has also dedicated itself to being a company of dreams coming true for families and communities in Honduras. We believe this is a blend you are really going to like! Come on in and give it a taste.

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Principio works with high quality coffee bean farmers and spends a great deal of time not only working with the farmers at the source, but also improving the quality of life for the workers, their families, and their communities! This provides us with green coffee that has been well-cared for as well as traceability and sustainability. Principio engages in direct-trading with the farmers, and calibrate their roasts to bring out the rich smooth flavors inherent in each bean.

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We sell Principio coffee beans so you can enjoy fresh, delicious coffee at home.

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Growers blend - with spice

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Roaster choice 50/50

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Cafe Delight (Light Roast with/spice) CofTea (Best of both worlds)