Whether you are going through our haunted attractions to jump, scream, and feel the fear, or you are going through the attractions to be encountered by a message, there's plenty to take away from this incredible experience. 

The making of the "Tomb of the Risen Dead" involved countless hours of creating the right message for this incredibly unique attraction. The message of the cave is far more confrontational than that of its sister attraction, The Labyrinth of Lost Souls. When you first walk down the winding pathway of the cave, you are confronted with the Prophet Ezekiel calling forth the dry bones to life! Prophet Ezekiel's, the actor, was chosen for his powerful presence and unmistakable voice. As you walk through the cave, the first dead bones to rise are mere skeletons, but as you go through the cave we have intentionally staggered our actors in specific areas so that the farther you go through the cave, the more flesh they have on them.

One of our visions was to include the vast array of time periods our cave already has in its rich history. So you will notice that the costuming and hair and make up match that of specific