DeSoto Caverns

Meet our Characters

The Vardosy Company

A ragtag band of traveling performers known as the Vardosy Company, are a joyfully, eclectic group, fleeing from the Shadows that flood the valley. They have been introduced to a rare kindness from the village stewarding the sacred land where our story begins. This bunch are exceptionally excited to celebrate after being resurrected from the Shadow curse of Mistress Folly.

Geronimo the Gentleman.jpg

Geronimo the Gentleman

Lady Gloria.jpg

Lady Gloria











Sir Washington and Madame Danielle.jpg

Sir Washington and Madame Danielle



The Sage Sisters

Lady Wisdom.jpg

Lady Wisdom

Mystically bold and resolute, she can bestow truth that can save your very life.

Madame Insight.jpg

Madame Insight

Prophetically precise, she can see into the future to guide you.

The Bride.jpg

Miss Prudence

A mirrored image of untarnished purity, presenting absolution to find the right path for you.

Mistress Folly's amry

Mistress Folly.jpg

Mistress Folly

The vile enchantress sent by a dark empire to lead an army of shadows to vanquish light and pull anything good into her world of darkness and despair.


The Shadows

Fallen men and women of the evil empires, cursing all goodness and destroying all light in the world.

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Army of the Dead 3.jpg
Army of the Dead 2.jpg
Army of the Dead 4.jpg

The Shadghouls

These monstrous creatures have fallen from another world with plans of their own to ensnare and entrap you, leading you into absolute darkness.

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Demon 2.jpg
Demon 3.jpg
Demon 4.jpg

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