DeSoto Caverns

Once Upon a Time...

Geronimo the Gentleman and his beloved, Lady Gloria, along with Thorn and Mourn

Geronimo the Gentleman and his beloved, Lady Gloria, along with Thorn and Mourn

The Legend of the Chosen

Once upon a time, a small yet hospitable village was one of the very last of its kind. The Shadows were overcoming the world with its dark forces, and this village was set in the midst of a war between wicked empires. Though the village was tucked away in rolling hills and forests, The Shadows were entering the valley in which it stood.

A ragtag band of traveling performers known as the Vardosy Company, were lead by Geronimo the Gentleman and Lady Gloria, along with their joyously eclectic confidants Thorn, Mourn, Beatrix, Alegra, Vidor,  & Zorian. They were fleeing in a scuttle from the tremor of the stalking Shadows that began to flood the valley. As a result of their slapdash steering, they had quite an accident and their carriage had wrecked just on the outskirts of the village. The villagers sought the cause of the evening commotion, kindly assisting and aiding the Vardosy Company to their village to take refuge.

The Sage Sisters

The Sage Sisters

Over the next few days, the villagers healed the newcomer’s wounds and offered the Vardosians a safe, quiet place to stay undetected by the Shadows. The villagers offered them a cozy lodge to assist in overseeing the peaceful sacred burial grounds. The Vardosians made a unanimous decision to stay, and they were so grateful to the villagers they offered to provide pleasant entertainment to any frantic  passersby travelers coming from near and far whom sought refuge from the Shadows.

The Missing Daughter

The villagers enjoyed teaching the Vardosy Company their peaceful yet valiant values and traditions, as they were preparing to defend against the Shadows’ threats. They educated the Vardosians of the deceptive nature of the Shadows, who could distort and transform into many forms, and warned the Vardosians to be wary of strangers. They encouraged the Vardosians to seek the Elder Chief when dealing with trusting outsiders because he would seek counsel from the Sage Sisters, including the Lady Wisdom, Madam Insight and Miss Prudence. The villagers shared with them the current, sad story of their village. Their leaders, the Elder Chief and his wife the Elder Lady, had a kind, brave daughter recently disappear, last seen going into the deep, sacred caverns that the village was set upon. Their daughter had been exclaiming that small lights were calling out to her to lead the village into the depths of the earth. Her father, the Elder Chief, forbid her to follow her impulse, but defiantly, she followed the lights, accompanied by her an unknown horse companion and her pet piglet.

Mistress Folly, the vile enchantress

Mistress Folly, the vile enchantress

There was great tales that powerful events had happened in the depths of the cave, yet nothing extraordinary had happened for quite some time. Only the bravest warriors of the village, dared to descend because of the potency of presence of the cave. They said it seemed as though the cave and deep earth felt like it was waiting, lying dormant.

Mistress Folly and the Shadows

Then late one evening, the Vardosy Company were making quite a ruckus in their lodging near the graveyard, as they typically did, commonly hushed up by the villagers for safety reasons to go undetected by Shadows. But unfortunately, a faction of Shadows, heard the ruckus of the  Vardosy Company and discovered their lodge. One of the dark empires’ sent a vile enchantress, Mistress Folly, to lead this mob to wreak havoc and overtake any light ridden areas of good villages and tribes.

Mistress Folly transformed her appearance into an old hag and altered her Shadow minions to appear as a newborn in rags. She cried out and the Vardosians heard her wail, running to the scene. They witnessed an old hag and were moved by compassion as she wept over what looked like a stillborn child wrapped in rags. She begged them in her distress to bury it in the consecrated graveyard and though the villagers said to seek wise counsel of the Elder Chief, they proceeded to let her bury it anyway. as the dirt of the sacred soil covered the figure, the Shadow minions unraveled as a curse on the land and the Vardosians were swarmed by the the unleashed, violent Shadows.

The Battle Begins

At the crux, the powerful Elder Chief and a band of his champion warriors came to their aid to fend off the Shadows with their weapons of light. As the villagers warded off the Shadows that began to rumble towards the town square, they diverted the evil forces into the depths of the cave to keep them at bay. Though it may have seemed too late and the Vardosians lives were already overtaken, one younger village warrior resurrected them with a healing song. Most of the village along with the revived Vardosians, stayed in the light in the main fountain square of the village to keep vigilance on the safety of their people. It was a few brave souls including the Elder Chief  that continued to battle  Mistress Folly and the Shadows into the deep cave.

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