DeSoto Caverns

A Unique Adventure!

Incredible Show Cave

  1. Our Kymulga Cathedral Room room is as tall as a 12 story building and longer than a football field!
  2. Amazing beauty where the sun doesn’t shine. 
  3. Gem stone quality onyx
  4. 60 degrees year round making it the perfect escape from the heat and an excellent warm temperature for the winter!
  5. Light Shows on every caverns tour! 


  • We have over 20 above ground interactive attractions, many of which are based off of hands on experiences!
  • First cave on record in the United States
  • Earliest markers in any cave in the United States!
  • History dating back over 2,000 years ago!
  • 1 of only 3 caves open to the public in Alabama!

Extraordinary Events promoting Family Entertainment

  • A wonderful place for creating memories worth repeating.
  • Our annual Tomb of the Risen Dead event that offers fun for everyone!