Coming this year!  Unlock the Legend is a family-friendly experience for everyone unlike anything they've experienced together before.  Each room takes place during a different era in time, engaging guests in an entertaining and educational experience for all.  Guests are the key to solving the mystery and uncovering the truth behind the immersive story.  The world they enter reveals a series of clues, riddles, puzzles, and plot twists.  The pressure builds as guests have a limited amount of time to solve the final puzzles to UNLOCK THE LEGEND and escape! Tickets MUST be booked online. 

Two Rooms filled with Mystery, which will you unlock first?

Moira & The Mafia

Mafia, Missing Persons, and FBI all set in the 1920s. Will you find where the missing persons are before the Mafia find you out?

The Lost Treasure

Treasure, bandits, and inheritance: will you escape before the bushwhackers come to claim your inheritance?