Gemstone panning

Pan for gemstones just like the old prospectors! You can find onyx, pyrite, and other semiprecious stones. Our Park Host will guide you in how to find your treasures. Everyone is guaranteed to find something! 


DeSoto's Gyro Extreme

Experience weightlessness as you spin and turn in our Gyro Extreme. A definite favorite for those into an adventuresome spin! *Must be 36" tall to ride.

Rock'n Roll

Rock'n Roll

You and your friends buckle in for the ride of your life! Use your team's momentum and rock this ride back and forth until you flip it all the way over for a thrill!


Bow & Arrow Shoot

Enjoy testing your skills or competing against your friends in this bow and arrow shooting range! With a quiver full of arrows you're guaranteed some competitive fun!

DeSoto's Express Park Train

Take a relaxing ride on the Park Express Train. The ride's track takes a figure eight loop around our scenic park! It's great for both small groups and families.


Water Balloon Battle

Battle your friends in this all out water balloon war! The two opposing forts make this a great attraction for groups, so bring friends or family for plenty of fun!


Happy's Tubs of Fun

Spin around as fast as you want in our tubs of fun! Our guests choose to turn up the heat and spin their own tub even faster!


Happy's Hoops

If you enjoy basketball, you'll love Happy's Hoops! It's a 10 hoop course with different challenges at every station!


Squirt Gun Lost Trail Maze

The perfect opportunity to battle it out with your friends! Within our lost trail maze we have a separated area from the rest of the maze specifically for super soaking your day! This attraction is great for all ages to enjoy! 

Mini Pedal Carts

On your mark, get set, GO! These go-carts go as fast as you can pedal them. Race around our winding track on these mini machines.

DeSoto's Paddle Boats

Enjoy the warm summer days by cooling off in Happy's Paddle Boats! Fun for kids of all ages!

Desoto Caverns (JPEG Web Res) (37 of 70).jpg

DeSoto's Lost Trail Maze

This one is a classic! Our 3/4 acre maze is an adventure to explore for all ages. You will journey to three towers and at each tower collect a different traveler's stamp on your ticket. 

Wacky Water Golf

No trip to the park is complete without a round of wacky water golf. Two streams weave in and out of every hole, giving each of them a unique water hazard.

DeSoto's Cave Crawl Box

Unlike anything you've done before! Here you'll get to try your skills as a cave explorer. With over 200 ft of crawling, you're sure to enjoy this one!


Cannon Wars

Challenge your friends in this air-cannon game! Eight air cannons and loads of nerf balls equal a fun exciting game.

DeSoto's Cave Wall Climb

Want to put your climbing skills to the test? Come enjoy our 250 foot traverse wall climb with 10 challenging sections to master.

Happy's Cruisin Track

Young drivers can pick their favorite ride and take off on a journey around our Happy's Cruisin Track.

Twin Spin

Hop in with friends and see how fast you can spin. Pump the handles in unison to pick up your speed then you'll experience the g-force pulling you back in your seat!

Beachball Blast

With fans blowing beach balls up in a colorful whirl, your young ones are bound to have fun here!

Crystal Find

Search in the sand in our shaded hut for beautiful crystals to fill your bag. It's hard to find the big ones, but totally worth the search.

Foam Falls

Have a blast in this bubble filled foam falls, always full of bubbles!

Happy's Pedal Go-Karts

On your mark, get set, GO! These go-karts go as fast as you can peddle them. Race your friends around our winding track. *Restriction: must be at least 52" tall to participate