DeSoto Caverns

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all parking is free.

There is no entrance fee to the park grounds, except during special occasions such as festivals or events, so be sure to check our events page for their schedule. Tickets pricing for the cave and attractions is available on our tickets page. There is never any parking fee.

Yes, we encourage the use of photography and video in the cave!

No, we are a privately owned park that has stayed in the same family for over 100 years.

Yes, they are. Our cave has a tunnel, making it accessible for you and your young ones.

The following items are prohibited:

  • Outside food or drink (these items often have acidic or carbonated properties which erode the live formations inside our Caverns)
  • Cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco. DeSoto Caverns is a tobacco free environment
  • Chewing gum

DeSoto Caverns reserves the right to prohibit additional items that may pose safety concerns for either the live Caverns or other guests. If you have an unlisted item you would like to bring into the cave that is not listed as approved, please contact us to request approval in advance and recognize that if approval is not given, the item may not be allowed into the caverns.

  • Magic Markers, spray paint, and aerosol cans
  • Knives or chains
  • Weapons
  • Chemical weapons, including mace or pepper spray
  • Fireworks
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco. DeSoto Caverns is a tobacco free environment
  • Bicycles and similar items are not allowed inside the park for the safety of all of our guests
  • Flyers or handouts

DeSoto Caverns reserves the right to prohibit anything that management decides may pose safety concerns for guests or the environment of our historical live Caverns.

We are handicap accessible throught the Healing All Cathedral Room, which is the first room within our caverns and is accessible through a ramp. There is a passageway that narrows as our guests go towards our back room that would require someone to be able to walk through the back area while their wheelchair is folded in order to navigate through that narrow passageway. If the handicap guest is capable of walking a short distance that is supplied with a railing while the wheelchair is folded and brought through, our handicap guests will be able to see the entirety of the tour. If our guest is not capable of entering in the back of the cave, we have discount tours that still allow the guest to enjoy the Healing All Cathedral room within the caverns. Due to the natural environment of the cave, some areas had to be steeply ramped and will require an additional helper to navigate. Warning: For cave visitors in a wheelchair, it is required that you bring a capable assistant to help you with navigating the steep portions of the cave.

We are open all holidays except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, pets are allowed in the park as long as they remain on a leash. Inside the cave we only allow pets if you are capable of holding them throughout the tour. People who bring their pets are responsible for cleaning up their pet's waste. People with pets also will be held responsible for any damage their pet creates. Because of the indoor-outdoors nature of a cave, we cannot have any animals using the restroom inside the caverns, so they must be small enough to be held through the entirety of the tour.

Yes, we are proud to serve a variety of delicious and hormone free foods at our Cave Cafe in the gift shop. Be sure to try our award winning home-made fudge!

The temperature inside the cave is 60°F year-round. In the summer, it will be refreshingly cool, and in the winter it will be a comfortable warmer temperature. Because the entrance to our cave is a steep ramped tunnel we recommend wearing shoes with traction on the bottom, although there is a handrail for steadying yourself if your shoes are smooth on bottom.

It does not rain inside the cave. Although, because this cave is still growing you may experience getting dripped on occasionally. We like to call these occasional drips "cave kisses."

Yes, please feel free to check our family reunion tab, and if your group has 20 or more contact us to make a reservation at a special group rate!

Yes, we have a campground on the property.