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Welcome! Thank you for choosing to serve your family through teaching and preparing them for a great future! We would be happy to host you on our semi-annual Homeschool day. We have one Homeschool Day in the spring and two in the fall every year! The next Homeschool Day is September 23rd & September 30th!


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With the proper credentials, Home Schoolers get the Adventure School Experience for just $17!


In order to qualify for our special Homeschool Day discount, be certain to bring one of the following acceptable credentials below:

  • Cover school letter

  • Homeschool ID

  • Homeschool Legal Defense card

We realize that Mississippi doesn't have a cover school, but for circumstances such as this, there is a form that is submitted when filing income tax, a copy of that would suffice. We also recognize that not all Homeschooling families have the above credentials, but there are free Homeschool ID cards available online that we also accept.

The mission of the DeSoto Caverns company is to reach our guests hearts through creatively showing our core values: excellence, teamwork, and care. We believe in providing incredible educational entertainment in a safe friendly environment. DeSoto Caverns is also committed to being a great place to work for great people.